Yuriy Gurzhy/Prof. Dr. Juliane Besters-Dilger/Oleksandra Bienert/Ganna Gryvniva u.a.

Radio Ukraïna // A Live-Radio-Session

On Reception – Ein Live-Radio-Format

33% Rock 'n' Roll 100% Ukraine 100% On Reception

Sun 29.05.22, 6 pm - 9:00 pm // 9,00 € / 25,00 € (Donation Ticket) Tickets

Charity event for Nothilfe der Freiburger Partnerstadt Lviv

Listening closely, raising voices - creating resonant spaces: that's Radio Ukraïna - a live radio format between art and music, cultural exchange and political discourse, literature and moving images. Radio Ukraïna is an invitation to our audience to tune in and listen: Voices from a country and about a country where the very basic values of democracy are being defended to the death - and about which we have shockingly little knowledge. What do Ukrainian cultural workers, journalists, activists, musicians and authors tell us, what do Ukrainian experts tell us? What power do old and new narratives have?
The evening will be moderated by musician, DJ, author and radio host Yuriy Gurzhy. He will also present excerpts from his texts in combination with live music and moving images in a storytelling concert and talk with researcher and activist Oleksandra Bienert about spaces of interaction between Ukraine and Germany between protest, enlightenment and rock 'n' roll. Slavic studies professor Dr. Juliane Besters-Dilger talks with journalist Ingo Petz from the media project about ways and knowledge about Ukraine. Singer, composer and pianist Ganna Gryniva combines ethno-jazz with Ukrainian folklore using loops and effects. And author and journalist Tanya Maljarchuk will read from her work, followed by a talk with Slavic studies professor Dr. Heinrich Kirschbaum about the power and impotence of words in times of great calamity.

"I am no longer a writer and will perhaps never be able to be one. Words freeze inside me, they die, perish with each successive missile that bombards and shreds my world. Will I ever be able to believe in them again someday? For whatever reason, I write down quotes randomly fished out of the net instead. Fragments of conversations from strangers who are fighting for their lives and the existence of the country right now. They are desperate, euphoric, fearful, angry, sad, ready for action - all rolled into one. I will never forget these voices: Everything is shot in Mariupol, including the sky. Blood tastes of metal. A woman shot down an enemy drone with a jar of preserved pickles."

- Tanja Maljartschuk